Walking Millgrove’s Memories

The Village of Millgrove lies just west of Highway #6 North, along the Fifth Concession Road. It was founded by David Cummins (1806-1887), one of the three sons of an early Upper Canada pioneer, Daniel Cummins. Rich soil, fish-filled streams and woodlands filled with oaks and pines provided an ideal home for these settlers. Several mills were established along the Grindstone Creek which meanders its way through the village – hence the name “Mill Grove.” Enjoy walking through modern Millgrove while appreciating what preceded it. In this small rural village, connect its storied past with the present day.

This free roam tour allows you to discover Millgrove’s history in your own way – there’s no set route to take! Explore the map here on our website or download the free PocketSights app on Google Play or the App Store.


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