Reminiscences of Victoria School during the 1870s

In 1941, Arthur Newell1 recalled his school days at Victoria for a series of articles “Early Days in Carlisle”, published in the Waterdown Review.2

“Situated on the extreme corner of the field where the present school now stands, so Read more

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“Automobile Parts for Pennies”

Research submitted by Donald F. Warren, Dundas

While looking for antique automobile parts in the early 1950s, I called at the former garage of William Springer of Waterdown. Mr. Springer, who had operated the Waterdown Garage which sold “Genuine Read more

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The Village of Progreston: Part IV

Near the water trough, Progreston Road divides, with part, still known as Progreston Road, continuing westward to join Centre Road on the outskirts of present-day Carlisle. The other branch called Green Spring Road, passes through the remaining part of Read more

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The Village of Progreston: Part III

During the last fifty years, several small communities in East Flamborough Township have almost disappeared. Progreston, once known as “one of the busiest milling spots on the Twelve Mile Creek”1 is today just a collection of houses that is Read more

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The Village of Progreston: Part II

During the 1860s, three Waterdown County Directories were published that contained entries listing the inhabitants and professions for the village of Progreston. This Heritage Paper contains these three listings in full.

ASHBERRY, William, blacksmithMILLS, Francis, teamsterBURKHOLDER, David Read more
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The Village of Progreston: Part I

The programmes that were presented by the Society in January and February of 1989 focused on the history of mills in the village of Waterdown, and some of the families associated with the Smokey Hollow area. While the development Read more

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An Early Waterdown Industrialist, Henry Ferguson Graham

This Heritage Paper looks at the life of one of Waterdown’s early industrialists as recorded by a newspaper obituary found in an American newspaper, published in Iowa, August 1886. Obituaries are often an excellent source of historical and genealogical Read more

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Waterdown Mechanics’ Institute

Among the earliest non-religious organisations founded in the Flamborough area, the Waterdown Mechanics’ Institute established in 1843 was one of the most famous. Prior to 1843, the Legislature of Upper Canada encouraged the formation of Literary Societies and Mechanics’ Read more

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Beverly and West Flamborough Township 1817

An early description of Beverly and West Flamborough Townships, taken from “Statistical Account of Upper Canada” by Robert Gourlay. Also included are the questions circulated to each township, and notes or explanations of specific words in the queries.


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East Flamborough Township 1817

Early descriptions of East Flamborough Township are rare. In 1822, a book, “Statistical Account of Upper Canada” by Robert Gourlay was published in England. Produced following time spent in Upper and Lower Canada by the author, it was an Read more

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