The Jam Factory, Part 1

Jam Factory

Located close to the other fine stone buildings in the Mill and Dundas Street area, the massive two-storey stone structure known as the jam factory is the only remaining example connected to the village’s industrial past. The Read more

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Valley Inn, Part 2

Tales of The Valley Inn

The Valley Inn Hotel, reputedly built by John Yakes of East Flamborough Township, was a two-storey frame structure with a magnificent verandah running the whole length of the front façade. Two gables were added Read more

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Valley Inn, Part 1

The crossroads

The famous sound of cars crossing the Bailey bridge at Valley Inn is no more since the decision was made to close the road to all vehicular traffic in 2009. What was once a key crossroads at Read more

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Grace Church at 150, Part 3

Grace Church in the 20th Century: A new century, a new minister

Following the departure of Rev. Higginson, Rev. Thomas McKim came in 1906 and in 1908, Rev. J. Douglas. Again, there was a period of activity during this Read more

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Grace Church at 150, Part 2

Growing Grace

Rev. Stewart Houston, who took charge of the parish in 1866, also ministered to the congregations at Lowville and later St. Matthew-on-the-Plains in Aldershot. During his incumbency, more than $900 was raised by subscription to erect a Read more

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Grace Church at 150, Part 1

Graceful beginnings

On February 4, 1847, Frederick Feilde and his wife Elizabeth Gildart Campbell donated the deed for land on the north side of the village of Waterdown to Rev. John Strachan, Lord Bishop of Toronto and his successors. Read more

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Entrepreneur, E. C. Griffin

The Village of Waterdown owes much of its existence, layout, former prosperity and name to a young entrepreneur, Ebenezer Culver Griffin, who visited the area following the end of hostilities from the War of 1812 and saw the potential Read more

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Victoria’s Day

The following article appeared in the Hamilton Spectator a few days after the successful celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Birthday in Waterdown in May of 1855.

“Dear Spectator, through the medium of your journal permit me to give a brief Read more

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Naming names, Part 4

Naming Mountsberg

North of 11th Concession Road in East Flamborough Township, the land rises quickly and changes to a landscape of rolling hills and valleys that were carved by a glacier as it cut a gap in the Niagara Read more

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Naming names, Part 3

Name of progress, Progreston

Situated approximately one mile east of Carlisle on Lots 4 and 5 in Concession 8 of East Flamborough Township, Progreston today is one of the area’s disappearing settlements.

The area was first settled by George Read more

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