Waterdown Mechanics’ Institute

Among the earliest non-religious organisations founded in the Flamborough area, the Waterdown Mechanics’ Institute established in 1843 was one of the most famous. Prior to 1843, the Legislature of Upper Canada encouraged the formation of Literary Societies and Mechanics’ Read more

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Beverly and West Flamborough Township 1817

An early description of Beverly and West Flamborough Townships, taken from “Statistical Account of Upper Canada” by Robert Gourlay. Also included are the questions circulated to each township, and notes or explanations of specific words in the queries.


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Remembering: Sir William Pearce Howland

The Village of Waterdown has been home to many noted residents, since its founding in 1830, but possibly the most illustrious and least known is Sir William Pearce Howland, the only American-born Father of Confederation who spent many years Read more

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East Flamborough Township 1817

Early descriptions of East Flamborough Township are rare. In 1822, a book, “Statistical Account of Upper Canada” by Robert Gourlay was published in England. Produced following time spent in Upper and Lower Canada by the author, it was an Read more

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John Applegarth 1784-1854

Born in Durham County, England in 1784, John Applegarth emigrated to Canada in 1801, joining his older brother William at the Head of the Lake.1

The two brothers built a Grist Mill on the Grindstone Creek, near Aldershot in Read more

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Millgrove village, Part 3

Village social life

When the decision was made in 1874 to purchase the Methodist New Connexion Chapel at Clappison’s Corners, to become the Millgrove Village Hall, the transaction involved The Sons of Temperance Society.

The deed stipulated that certain Read more

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William Applegarth 1764-1839

William Applegarth (Burlington Public Library)

William Applegarth, farmer, teacher and miller, was the eldest of the Applegarth brothers who came to Canada. Born at Staindrop, County of Durham, England in 1764, he emigrated to Canada in 1791, becoming the Read more

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The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough 1875

By using a number of secondary sources, a comprehensive record of the inhabitants of an area can be produced. The County Directory and Atlas were the sources for the 1875 listings that were submitted for the previous two Heritage Read more

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Millgrove village, Part 2

Millgrove settles down

Millgrove’s industrial prosperity centred on the intersection of the present Millgrove Sideroad and the 5th Concession (Millgrove Road).

On the south-east corner, David Cummins had a turning mill and woodworking shop where he made furniture. Originally, Read more

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The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough – Part II

Today, the name Aldershot is very loosely applied to the residential sub-divisions and commercial strip developments along Plains Road and the larger industries further to the north. Originally the name Aldershot, Aldershott, or Aldershot-on-the-Plains as it was frequently called, Read more

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