Views of Waterdown and East Flamborough – Part II

Last Heritage Paper described East Flamborough as it was remembered by visitors and early settlers during the first two decades of the nineteenth century. The township was virtually a wilderness, with only one small community beginning to develop around Read more

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Views of Waterdown and East Flamborough – Part I

How did people see the township of East Flamborough and the village of Waterdown in the past? Were they impressed? Was there much to see? Just what was there to see? Through the accounts and records of a few Read more

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On the block, The Weeks Block, Part 2

As one of the premier buildings in the village of Waterdown located at the most important intersection in the village, the building on the south-east corner of Mill and Dundas Streets, still known as the Weeks Building, has connections Read more

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“Avonsyde”, 493 Dundas Street East

The large and impressive red brick farm house, known as “Avonsyde” at 493 Dundas Street East, in the former Township of East Flamborough, is one of the finest heritage designated properties in the Town of Flamborough. The house and Read more

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The Railway in Waterdown

This Heritage Paper has been written by Society Director, Scott Pearson, a resident of East Flamborough who attends High School in Dundas. The history of the railway in the Waterdown area has been Scott’s hobby for many years. In Read more

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Weeks Building, Local landmark, Part 1

The magnificent stone building on the southeast corner of Mill and Dundas streets is still known to many in this area as the former home of the village’s most famous hardware store, Weeks of Waterdown.

The corner block actually Read more

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Statement of Hugh Creen to James Croil 19th April 1866 Concerning his brother, the Rev. Thomas Creen, of Niagara

The following statement was contained as part of the manuscript, “Diary of a church agent, 1866-1867”, being part of the Personal Papers of James Croil. The author of the manuscript, James Croil, was a journalist and historian. He was Read more

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“Dutch Town”

In the early 1850s, all the land north of Church Street and east of Mill Street to the banks of the Grindstone Creek in Waterdown was purchased for future residential growth by James McMonies and Thomas Stock, two prosperous Read more

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‘Chestnut Grove’ 315 Dundas St. East

On November 2, 1987, the Town of Flamborough passed Bylaw Number 87-150-H that designated the building and grounds at 315 Dundas Street East, Waterdown, as a property of architectural/historical interest under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The Read more

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The Union Burying Ground

The next time that you are travelling from Waterdown along Plains Road towards the new Mapleview Shopping Mall, take time to stop at one of the little plazas just east of King Road to investigate what appears to be Read more

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