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Images in all their forms (photographs, slides, postcards, negatives) are a great resource to see the changes of a local area through the years, from early settlement through to modern day. Whether it be featured front and centre or in the background, glimpses of details from the past are a wonderful way to reminisce about how things were as well as document changes over time. History is not static, and what may seem permanent today may change drastically in the future.

Family snapshots help document history – pictured is Gatesbury Park in Waterdown c.1985
Shared by Amy Towarnicki


Our recorded heritage encompasses a diverse range of topics. Documents include letters, diaries, documents related to land and taxes, and so much more. Documents give insight into local economics, land ownership, personal relationships, family fortunes and tragedies, the beginnings of community groups, and the origins of local landmarks.

Wartime correspondence can show how large events affected the small communities and the lives of the people who lived there.


Much of our knowledge of local businesses comes from advertisements in newspapers, including the Flamborough Review. While this is a good start, ads don’t give insight into the business owner, when it opened, or sometimes even where the business was located. There’s been a lot of business in Flamborough over the years – some remain to this day while others are a part of our memories. Our business listing includes over 1600 entries, and we’re constantly updating it. If you have information or images of a business you used to own or visit, we’re very interested!

Tip Top Canners delivery truck in North Bay, Ontario, delivering from Greensville c.1959.
Many thanks to George Kush for sharing so much of Tip Top Canners history as well as his family history on our Facebook Community page.

Family Histories

Communities within and around Flamborough were built and thrived throughout history due to people that immigrated to an unfamiliar place, raised children, made a living, and applied their entrepreneurial spirit to build business. There are families that have been here since the first land grants were offered, while others have impacted and shaped their community arriving later on in the timeline. To know the unique stories of the families who influenced our history, even in what might seem the smallest of ways, helps us understand and frame the people that built the community in which we live.

Best of Friends in Lynden – Emily and Donna, undated
Shared by Brenda Mordue-Humphries

This is only a small sample of things that may capture moments of Flamborough’s past. We’re interested in preserving all history, and it is often surprising where information can be found. Consider donating your own story to the Flamborough Archives to help the Flamborough Heritage Society continue to preserve and share local history.

You don’t have to permanently donate an item – pieces can be on loan to the Archives for as long as you feel comfortable or copied and returned to you.

Want to share your history? You can share with us on our socials, email our archivist , or message us through our contact page. The archives is also open to the public with temporary hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00AM – 4:00PM. Researchers are asked to please make an appointment as our maximum occupancy is 3 people, including the volunteers. Looking forward to seeing your history, from whatever era it comes from.

Want to give in a different way? You can volunteer with us, or check out our donations page to see what we’re raising funds for. Thanks so much for your support.

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