Creation of the Flamborough Coat of Arms

In September 2009, The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society successfully petitioned the Chief Herald of Canada for a grant of arms detailing the rich history of the Flamborough-Beverly community. The process, potentially taking up to 12 months, would result in a coat of arms and flag that the Flamborough-Beverly community could use to identify themselves, as well as their history. As stated in our petition:

. . . we hope to receive armorial bearings which reflect the former Town of Flamborough and its rich heritage so that we can better educate residents in the region.

Once the petition was granted, a Herald (in our case Saguenay Herald – a specialist in the field of symbolism) began work to determine the elements of a possible design, which must follow the rules of heraldry. Dr. Forrest Pass, Saguenay Herald, was assigned to the file.

In the fall of 2009, the Flamborough Heritage Society established the “Grant of Arms Committee” to collaborate with Dr. Pass in creating a suitable design representative of the community. The members of the committee were:

Chair: Nathan Tidridge (Vice President of the Flamborough Heritage Society), Carlisle
Dr. Forrest Pass,  Saguenay Herald with the Canadian Heraldic Authority
Cindy Allen (President of the Flamborough Heritage Society), Waterdown
Wilf Ardnt (Waterdown BIA), Waterdown
Vi Collins (Beverly Historical Society), Beverly
Ryan DeCaire (Waterdown District High School Student), Carlisle
Cecil Hamilton (Author), Strabane
Kim Janjic (Director with the Flamborough Heritage Society), Waterdown
Dorothy Kuik (Beverly Historical Society), Rockton
Janine Matetich (University Hsitory Student), Mountsberg
Kyle Menegaldo (Waterdown District High School Student), Freelton
Ruth Nicholson (President of the Hamilton Branch of the United Empire Loyalists), Waterdown
John Stalker (President of the Beverly Historical Society), Clyde
Jeff Vanderwal (Flamborough Hockey Association), Waterdown
Dr. Don Woods (Historian & Author), Waterdown
Diane Woods (Historian & Author), Waterdown

The first meeting of the Grant of Arms Committee was held on January 2nd, 2010, in the “Kirk Room” of the Royal Coachman in Waterdown. At this initial meeting four key themes were identified by the committee for representation in the arms and flag: Trees, Water, People and Growth.

Throughout 2010 and 2011 meetings were held across Flamborough in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. Thanks to partnership with the Flamborough Review, numerous articles were published encouraging people to offer their suggestions to the committee. All schools in Flamborough were encouraged to have their students participate in a contest to create a motto for Flamborough.

On April 15th, 2011, the Chief Herald of Canada granted arms, as well as a flag, to The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society that would reflect the historical Town of Flamborough. Since Flamborough is no longer a municipality, it could not be granted the arms directly. The arms and flag were presented to the community on April 29th, 2011, by the Right Reverand Bishop Ralph Spence, Albion Herald Extraordinary, at the Carlisle Golf & Country Club.

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