The ghost in the library

Mounted on the wall of the Waterdown Library are two marble tombstones associated with the early history of the village. The markers commemorate Alexander Brown and his wife Merren Grierson, the first settlers in the area that was to Read more

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The Village and People of Carlisle, ca.1867

Carlisle is a postal village in the Township of East Flamboro’, situated on the Twelve Mile Creek, 8 miles from Waterdown station on the Great Western Railway, 12 miles from Hamilton and 42 miles from Toronto. It was first Read more

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The Population of Waterdown c.1867

The second paper in the series East Flamboro’ Township c.1867 looks at the people living in the village of Waterdown and between Bakersville and Aldershott. Not only are the names of the population listed, but also their occupation, and Read more

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Flamboro’ East c.1867

A description of the township of Flamboro’ East and the settlements that were part of it, just before Confederation came to Canada – a hundred and fourteen years ago. Much of the material for these articles was taken from Read more

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Dundas Street – North Side

Walking in Waterdown

The Beginnings of Dundas Street and the Village of Waterdown

Dundas Street passes through the core of Waterdown and is a part of ‘The Governor’s Road’ which stretches from Mississauga to London. Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe Read more

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Cemeteries of Waterdown Walking Tour

The Village of Waterdown contains three cemeteries, all of which were established before Confederation in 1867.

The origins of the village, located on the Grindstone Creek and crossed by the historic Dundas Street road, dates from 1805. Alexander Brown, Read more

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The Smokey Hollow Walk

Flamborough Walking Tours – 2 Hours

The village of Waterdown was developed upon land that was originally granted to Alexander McDonnell in 1796. In 1805 ownership was transferred to Alexander Brown who built a sawmill at the falls of Read more

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The Mill Street Walk

Flamborough Walking Tours – 1 Hour

The Village of Waterdown developed upon land that was originally granted to Alexander McDonnell in 1796. In 1805 ownership was transferred to Alexander Brown, who built a sawmill at the falls on Grindstone Read more

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Speculations on the Seneca Outpost of Tinawatawa – Vignette

The following vignette is an unsolicited and unedited article written by Joachim Brouwer. The opinions and conclusions of the article that of the Author.

By late 1700’s, the Mississauga Ojibways, the Anishinaabe were nominal owners of the Niagara Read more

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The Bullock’s Corners Walk – 40 Minutes – Walking Tour

Bullock’s Corners, south of Highway #5, is the junction of several small settlements which include Greensville, Crook’s Hollow as well as Bullock’s Corners. The first settler to come to the area was an American, Jacob Cochenour, who arrived in Read more

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