History Quests

Our inaugural Back in Time History Quest was held in 2019 in the lead up to our Annual Book Fair. Its goals were to increase community involvement, interest younger participants and encourage more attendees to the book fair. All of these goals were met, and the Society was able to gain sponsorship of several local businesses to help distribute swag bags and prizes to our winners.

There was always the thought that our History Quest would continue into the future, but the world was met with unprecedented obstacles in 2020 with the global pandemic. Despite having to cancel what would have been the 30th annual book fair for the Society, our Board of Directors continued to meet virtually and plan a second History Quest – this one exploring the more rural areas of Flamborough.

We hope to continue to bring more History Quests to you in the future! Check out our past and current quests here:

Back in Time History Quest

Back in Time History Quest II: Grand Tour


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