Flamborough Heritage Society

The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society is one of the largest and most active Heritage Groups in the former Wentworth County, now the City of Hamilton. Founded in April 1973, the Society is a non-profit organization, affiliated with the Ontario Historical Society.

Objectives of the Society:

  • Record local history through the collection and preservation of paper material to include documents, published works, reports and other archival items deemed to be of historical significance. A portion of this collection shall be made of photographs of significant value or interest.
  • Maintain a permanent archives for the purpose of properly storing collected material, and to ensure that said materials are available for research purposes. A trained archivist, approved by the Board of Directors, will have ultimate responsibility for the operation of the Archives. See addendum for Archivist’s responsibilities.
  • Increase public appreciation and awareness of natural and local history through publications and meetings with emphasis on community, buildings and inhabitants.
  • Network with other groups such as schools, churches, service groups, governments and other area societies and archives to educate and promote the Society objectives.
  • The Society shall publish printed matters, i.e. Newsletters, Booklets, from time to time to further the above mentioned objectives of the Society.

The Story of the Society:

The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society was formed when the three Townships of Beverly and East and West Flamborough became joined into one entity. Concerned citizens, notably Waterdown Reeve Robert McNairn, encouraged the creation of the Heritage Society.

A committee composed of community members was struck to set out how the society would be formed and funded. Original advertising for the inaugural meeting included a hand-painted banner hung over Main Street, radio publicity, 3,000 brochures hand-folded by committee members, and inviting friends and other members of the community by landline.

The inaugural meeting was held April 6, 1973, and included discussion, refreshments, and displays. It began the Society’s history of protecting and preserving the local history and heritage of the area and the Village of Waterdown.

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