La Salle in Wentworth County

Where did La Salle Land in Wentworth County?

The last heritage paper looked at Robert Cavalier, Seigneur de la Salle: the reasons for this French explorer’s trip, and the possible route of his travels to Wentworth County.

On 18 Read more

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Snake Road

While the lower section of Snake Road is no longer open to traffic, the upper section is still in use. During the 1980s, the City of Burlington announced plans to “reconstruct Snake Road,” by straightening some of its curves Read more

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LaSalle in Wentworth County

Part I: Arrival September 1669

During 1983 and 1984 we celebrated several notable events in the history of Wentworth County, from the arrival of U.E.Ls. and Ontario’s Bicentennial, to the 150th anniversary of Adam Fergusson’s home, Woodhill. September 1985 Read more

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Extracts from “Minutes of Meetings of Grace Anglican Church Vestry Committee, Waterdown, 1858-1879”

This Heritage Paper looks at the early history of Grace Anglican Church, Waterdown as recorded in the Vestry Minutes Book. The original book, from which these extracts have been taken, was lost for many years. It was recently returned Read more

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Snake Road’s importance lost

During the 20th century, many of the historic buildings and landmarks along the Snake Road disappeared or changed in appearance so that their original importance to travellers has now been forgotten.

By the mid-1950s, responsibility for the upkeep and Read more

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The Early History of Grace Anglican Church, Waterdown

During 1985, Grace Anglican Church, Waterdown, is celebrating the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the parish. This Heritage Paper looks at the early history of this village church from its inception several years before the Read more

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John Eaton of Carlisle

Last Heritage Paper looked at the early history of Carlisle and its founding by the Eaton family. This paper will cover the genealogy and history of this well-known Flamborough pioneer.

Among the passengers listed on the famous ship “Mayflower”, Read more

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Snake Road inns

As Waterdown developed into a prosperous village during the 1850s and 1860s, James Kent Griffin continued the enterprises begun by his father 20 years earlier, and expanded them to become a contractor, building houses and roads, including Snake Road, Read more

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The History of the Waterdown Farmers’ Market

The first Twilight Market in 1952.

The Beginning

The Waterdown Market, or the Twilight Market as it was once known, began as a non-profit project set up by the Waterdown Board of Trade in 1952. The idea behind it Read more

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The Early History of Carlisle

This Heritage Paper looks at the village of Carlisle, and some stories surrounding its founding by John Eaton.

Settlement north of Waterdown came slowly, and the first person to settle and clear land is believed to have been George Read more

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