Moravian Christmas c.1790

The Heritage Paper for this Christmas newsletter is taken from “Wilderness Christians: The Moravian Mission to the Delaware Indians”, by Elma E. Gray. The extract was submitted by Mrs. Dorothy Farquharson who discovered the book during her research on Read more

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Vinegar Hill

Settlement in Waterdown and eastwards along Dundas Street dates from 1806, almost immediately after the British Crown came to an agreement with the Mississauga Indians for the purchase of their lands which stretched from the East Flamborough Townline to Read more

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Early Listing of Waterdown 1851 Businesses and Trades

This Heritage Paper looks at an early listing of persons engaged in business and trade in the Waterdown area. The list is taken from the “Canada West List of Trades and Professions 1851” — a wonderful book covering many Read more

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The Parry House, Centre Road R. R. #2, Hamilton

This Heritage Paper looks at the history and architecture of one of East Flamborough’s oldest buildings, the Parry house. This house is one of three buildings that Flamborough Township Council plans to declare historically significant.

The Parry house is Read more

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The great Waterdown bank robbery

Before the arrival of The Royal Bank in Waterdown, other small private banks existed in the village, offering their services to residents of the area.

The most famous of these, the Trader’s Bank, operated from 1909 to 1921 and Read more

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Mountsberg and the “Lost” Villages of East Flamboro circa 1867

During the early years of settlement in the township, many small communities sprang up. Most of these have now disappeared from the map: “lost” villages such as Bakersville; some have been absorbed by urban development and changing county boundaries Read more

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The Old Waterdown Post Office at 31 Main Street South

This Heritage Paper looks at the architecture and history of one of Waterdown’s older buildings.

The old Post Office at 31 Main Street South is the only significant mid-19th Century store of frame construction in the village of Waterdown. Read more

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The Village and People of Progreston

The first in a series of papers about the small settlements of East Flamboro’ Township c.1867. Some of these centres have been absorbed into expanding urban development; some have disappeared; while others have remained virtually unchanged since Confederation.

Progreston Read more

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Crossing the creek

Dundas Street Beginnings, Part 3

Since water transportation along the north shore of Lake Ontario was good, there was not the urgency to build the eastern section of the Dundas Street highway that Simcoe had originally considered to be Read more

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Singing Schools in Canada

“What is a singing school? Is it really necessary to ask such a question as this? Who has not heard of singing schools and singing master? We have them at the present day, and we frequently hear people who Read more

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