John Applegarth 1784-1854

Born in Durham County, England in 1784, John Applegarth emigrated to Canada in 1801, joining his older brother William at the Head of the Lake.1

The two brothers built a Grist Mill on the Grindstone Creek, near Aldershot in Read more

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The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough 1875

By using a number of secondary sources, a comprehensive record of the inhabitants of an area can be produced. The County Directory and Atlas were the sources for the 1875 listings that were submitted for the previous two Heritage Read more

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The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough – Part II

Today, the name Aldershot is very loosely applied to the residential sub-divisions and commercial strip developments along Plains Road and the larger industries further to the north. Originally the name Aldershot, Aldershott, or Aldershot-on-the-Plains as it was frequently called, Read more

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The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough – Part I

To many present day residents of East Flamborough, the lower concessions that were once part of the Township, are an almost forgotten part of its history. Originally the Township of East Flamborough stretched from Burlington Bay northwards to the Read more

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The McGregor Family of Nelson Township and Waterdown

Among the Waterdown doctors listed in the past Heritage Paper was Dr. John Owen McGregor of Main Street North, Waterdown, who is still fondly remembered by many residents of the village and surrounding area. In this Heritage Paper, the Read more

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A Listing of Waterdown-East Flamborough Doctors and Some Early Medical Reminiscences

In 1986, a request for information about the Philp family of Waterdown was received. A member of this family, Dr. William Philp, was one of the early doctors to serve the village and surrounding area. Further research resulted in Read more

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The Alexander Brown Tombstones

The previous Heritage Paper recorded some of the strange stories that are associated with the Waterdown Library ghost. To complete this series on the former East Flamborough Township Hall/Waterdown Library, the story of the two tombstones mounted on the Read more

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The Ghost in the Waterdown Library

Now I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can tell you there are a lot of people who won’t use that elevator.”

Mrs. Lorraine Eastwood, Head Librarian, Waterdown.1

One of the thrills experiences by many visitors to the Waterdown Read more

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The History of the Former East Flamborough Township Hall, 25 Mill Street North, Waterdown

Around the Mill-Dundas Streets intersection of Waterdown is a group of handsome stone buildings that are among the finest still to be seen in the villages of the Hamilton-Wentworth area. These buildings include the Waterdown Alliance Church, the former Read more

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Obituary Notices of West Flamborough Township Residents Taken from Early Canadian Newspapers – Part II

A further collection of early obituary notices to be found in the Society’s records.

“On the morning of Thursday, 20 August 1829, at his house in Flamborough West, Titus G. Simons, Colonel of the 2nd Regiment Gore Militia and Read more

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