Early Canadian Portrait Photography

The earliest photographic portrait was known as a daguerreotype. This photograph was taken by exposing a silver-coated copper plate in the camera. This plate is a positive image, not a negative; since no duplicate prints can be made of Read more

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The Village and People of Carlisle, ca.1867

Carlisle is a postal village in the Township of East Flamboro’, situated on the Twelve Mile Creek, 8 miles from Waterdown station on the Great Western Railway, 12 miles from Hamilton and 42 miles from Toronto. It was first Read more

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The Population of Waterdown c.1867

The second paper in the series East Flamboro’ Township c.1867 looks at the people living in the village of Waterdown and between Bakersville and Aldershott. Not only are the names of the population listed, but also their occupation, and Read more

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Flamboro’ East c.1867

A description of the township of Flamboro’ East and the settlements that were part of it, just before Confederation came to Canada – a hundred and fourteen years ago. Much of the material for these articles was taken from Read more

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Pioneer Gardens In Ontario

Remnants of old gardens still to be found along the Side and Concession roads of southern Ontario are the chief source of information about the flowers, shrubs and trees that were once commonly grown by the early settlers of Read more

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Sugar In Pioneer Ontario

Most of the sugar consumed in Upper Canada was the product of the cane imported from the West Indies. This import came in the form of raw sugar or “MUSCAVADO”, moist with molasses, dirty and strong tasting. So wet Read more

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