The Village and People of Progreston

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, May 1982
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The first in a series of papers about the small settlements of East Flamboro’ Township c.1867. Some of these centres have been absorbed into expanding urban development; some have disappeared; while others have remained virtually unchanged since Confederation.

Progreston is a village in the Township of Flamboro’ East on lots four and five in the eighth concession, about one mile from the village of Carlisle, eight miles from Waterdown Station, Great Western Railway, and twelve miles from Hamilton. It was first settled by George L. Beardmore, now of the city of Hamilton, and was laid out as a village by William Campbell, James Kievell, Joseph Tansley and Andrew Patton. A road has lately been surveyed from Milton, the county seat of Halton, to pass through the village, and intersect the gravel stone road leading to Hamilton. The Twelve Mile Creek here furnishes an abundant supply of hydraulic power, which is made available in propelling the machinery of a peg and last factory, two grist mills (one nearly completed) and three saw mills. In the peg and last factory, about twelve hands are employed. In Campbell’s saw mills there are five hands, who turn out about four hundred thousand feet of sawn lumber per annum. The other saw mills also turn out a large quantity, and employ a number of hands. There is one church, the “Messiah”, erected of frame in 1863, which will accommodate about two hundred persons — Rev. Daniel Campbell, minister. Population 100. No post office yet established.

Ashberry, William, blacksmith Mills, Francis, teamster
Burkholder, David, sawyer Mills, James, teamster
Burton, William, carpenter Morden, William L., sawyer
Campbell, John, sawyer Patton, Andrew, flouring and sawmill prop.
Campbell, Thomas, teamster and farmer Patton, Roland, farmer for A. Patton
Campbell, Wm., sawmill prop. Robbins, Ira, teamster
Davies, William, farmer for A. Patton Robbins, Jeremiah, laborer
Edgar, John, laborer Ross, John, farmer
Flemming, Adam, miller for A. Patton Tansley, Joseph, farmer
Ford, Michael, laborer Tansley, Wesley, last turner
Griffin, Barney, farmer Taylor, William, laborer
Hollinger, Henry, sawyer Young, Henry G., superintendent peg and last factory
Kievell, Jas., sawmill prop. Young, William A., last and peg factory prop.
Markle, Henry, carpenter  


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