The Bradstreet Press Listings of Waterdown-East Flamborough Businesses for 1872

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, November 1983
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During the 1860’s and 1870’s, a tremendous boom in manufacturing occurred in the area we know today as Ontario. Much of this growth was the result of the enormous influx of immigrants, the opening of the West, and the rebuilding that took place in the United States following the Civil War. An indication of the growing importance of Ontario was the publication of an annual commercial report for the province by the Bradstreet Press of New York City. This source of information about small businesses in the Flamborough area was given to the Editor by Mr. Don Warren of Dundas, a member of the Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society. Further research has located the 1872 edition in the Special Collections, Hamilton Public Library.

This Heritage Paper lists the small businesses in the Waterdown-East Flamborough area as published in the September 1st, 1872 “Commercial Report for the Province of Ontario” by the Bradstreet Press. Each individual listed was given a credit rating that reflected the standing of his business, and in certain cases further information about the company was included.

AAVery large means, and the highest grade of credit.
AA house fully established, with large capital; and of undoubted business character, ability and credit.
ABA house well-established, of excellent business character and ability, prompt, careful and in superior credit.
BCharacter, capacity and standing of high grade, capital and business in proportion; very good credit.
BCCharacter, capacity and standing in every respect good, with means sufficient for the business, a business in proportion; good credit.
CHouse of moderate capital, yet with means sufficient for the business done; prudent, careful, economical; regarded safe for business requirements.
CDDoing a small, but deemed safe business; and good credit for moderate amounts.
DA small house, doing business with small capital, honest and industrious; generally prompt, meeting engagements, and good for small lines.
DENot to be refused credit in all cases, but caution is advised in selling.
ENot recommended for credit.

Following the explanation of credit grading, the Bradstreet Press noted that…

“Locality, as well as requisite qualification, considered in giving grades of credit; the smaller places being rated proportionally higher, according to the amount of business done and the risk sustained. Additional letters of same grade indicate increased strength.”


Allan J. & G.Tinsmiths, Stoves and TinwareCCDD
Ashbury WilliamD
Attridge T.MillCCDD
Bachelor J.Toy Maker61 – closing up
Baker AbrahamHotelE
Baker HenryButcherE
Baker ReadRake Mfr.BBBCCC
Barns JamesShoemakerDDD
Broadbent HiramFoundry61 – closing up
Brown AlexanderWharfingerAB
Brown EdwardBlacksmithDD
Brown WilliamBuilderDDD
Burns E.Lumber & Gen’l StoreC 66 — one of the firm, (or per written order) call at office
Caunte JosephTavernE
Colyer JohnButcherDE
CasseyTavern49 – out of business
Creen JohnMill Prop’r.BB
Crooker W.H.Flour and FeedD
Cummer L.A.Miller66 — one of the firm, (or per written order) call at office
Eager Joseph C.Gen’l. Merch.BB
Edwards BHotelDE
Finnigan JohnTailorD
Fraser PeterShingle MillDD
Heissie WilliamHotelD
Howland Hon. W.P.Mill Prop’r.AA
Hugh WilliamBlacksmith46 – sold out
Jones, Burns & Co.Gen’l. Store58 – dissolved
Jones & McCormacGen’l. StoreDD
Luney Mrs.DE
Mathers J. & S.Woollen FactoryDD
Philp W.Surgeon & etc.CCDD
Sealey CharlesMiller & FarmerCC
Shoeldice JamesBakerDD
Skinner OrmondSurgeonD
Slater F.BuilderCCDD
Stewart John & ThomasCCDD
Strike JohnShoemakerDE
Thompson HughHarness Mkr.DDD
Thompson J.B.Grocer & P.M.DDD
Truesdale HeilWagon Mkr.DD
Wisner W.D.Wagon Mkr.DD


Beatty HenryHotel61 – closing up
Boyer AndersonButcherDE
Campbell WilliamSaw & Grist MillC
Davidson JamesHotel64 – recently commenced, business reputation not fully established
Davis WilliamWagon Mkr.49 – out of business
Duffy MichaelButcher & DroverC
Daniel EatonHotel49 – out of business
Fielding WilliamHotel49 – out of business
Galloway Thos. H.Boots & ShoesDE
Livingstone OliverDry Goods, etc.DDD 64 – recently commenced, business reputation not fully established
Mahon WilliamBlacksmithE
Millard David R.Blacksmith & Wagon Mkr.DD
Tansley JosephFarmer & WeaverD

Bakersville, Mountsberg and Progreston also listed; anyone interested in these should contact us.

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