Part II of A List of Canadian Patents, issued to residents of Waterdown, and the Townships of Beverly and East and West Flamborough, from the beginnings of the Patent Office, June 1824, until 31 August 1872.

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Patent #2063, Issued Ottawa, 18 June 1866.

Alfred James Lemon of the Township of Beverly, in the County of Wentworth, for “A Potato Digger”.

Patent #2166, Issued Ottawa, 27 November 1866.

William Lemon, of the Village of Lynden, in the County of Wentworth, for “A new and useful method of altering the Enfield Rifle, or any other Muzzle-loading Rifle into a Breech-loader, to be known as ‘Lemon’s Breech-loading Rifle’.”

Patent #2326, Issued Ottawa, 7 May 1867.

Thomas Forfar of the Township of East Flamboro’, in the County of Wentworth, for “A new and useful Churn, to be called The Dairy Churn.”

Patent #2445, Issued Ottawa, 16 January 1868.

Alfred James Lemom of the Township of Beverly, in the County of Wentworth, for “A new and useful Potato Differ and Turnip Puller.”

Patent #2596, Issued Ottawa, 11 May 1868.

Joshua Starr Cornwall of the Township of Beverly, in the County of Wentworth, for “A new and useful Water Elevator.”

Patent #2673, Issued Ottawa, 10 July 1868.

Abram Hendershot of the Township of Beverly, and Firman Clement of the Township of Ancaster, for “A new and useful Machine, the same being a Revolving Plough-Coulter.”

Patent #2726, Issued Ottawa, 30 July 1868.

Freeman Green of the Township of Saltfleet, in the County of Wentworth, for “A certain new and useful improvement on the Spinning Wheel, to be called or known as Freeman Green’s Canadian Spinning Wheel.”

(Freeman Green and his family settled on the Twelve Mile Creek, Progreston in 1869, and equipped a vacant building on his property for a Woollen Mill that was in operation within a year).

Patent #2743, Issued Ottawa, 26 August 1868.

John Kelsey Hopkins of the Township of West Flamboro’, in the County of Wentworth, and William Rasberry of the same place, for “A new and useful manufacture of an article, to be called The Fire Proof Stove Pipe Thimbles.”

Patent #2772, Issued Ottawa, 11 September 1868.

Thomas Forfar of the Village of Waterdown, in the County of Wentworth, for “A new and useful metallic frame and toothed apparatus or gearing for application to any description of clothes wringer, the purposes of which are to prevent the Machine being thrown out of gear on account of the separation of the rollers by the passage of heavy articles between them.”

Patent #3213, Issued Ottawa, 25 May 1869.

H. Thompson of Waterdown, Ontario, for “An improvement on Traces.”

All the preceding patents were issued for a term of fourteen years, the following for a time limit of seven years.

Patent #59, Issued Ottawa, 15 September 1869.

A.J. Lemon, of Beverly, and F. Clement, of Ancaster, Ontario, for “Improvement on revolving Plough Coulter.”

Patent #320, Issued Ottawa, 29 March 1870.

B. Armstrong, of Sheffield, Ontario, for “An Improvement in Churns.”

Patent #333, Issued Ottawa, 1 April 1870.

J. Borer of West Flamboro’, Ontario, for “An Improvement on Cultivator or Gang Plough.”

Patent #463, Issued Ottawa, 17 June 1870.

J. Blasdell of Beverly, Ontario, for “Improvements on a Revolving Plough Coulter.”

Patent #611, Issued 15 September 1870.

T. Forfar, Waterdown, Ontario, for “Improvement in Churns.”

Patent #642, Issued 10 October 1870.

B. Armstrong, Sheffield, Ontario, for “Metallic Spring Dash Churn.”

Patent #645, Issued 10 October 1870.

D.P. Crosby, Waterdown, Ontario, for “Improvement in Hoisting machines.”

Patent #654, Issued 11 October 1870.

J. Bennett, Beverly, Ontario, for “Improvement on Fences.”

Patent #665, Issued 21 October 1870.

W.D. Misener, West Flamboro’, for “Improvements on combined Root Cultivators and Heaping Ploughs.”

Patent #946, Issued 21 April 1871.

A. Cornell, Sheffield, Ontario, for “Improvements on Fence Gates.”

Patent #1138, Issued 9 September 1871.

G. Miller, Sheffield, Ontario, for “Machine for cutting Thin Boards.”

Patent #1265, Issued 23 December 1871.

T. Forfar, Waterdown, Ontario, for “Improvement in Root Cutting machines.”

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