Obituary Notices of West Flamborough Township Residents Taken from Early Canadian Newspapers – Part II

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, April 1987
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A further collection of early obituary notices to be found in the Society’s records.

“On the morning of Thursday, 20 August 1829, at his house in Flamborough West, Titus G. Simons, Colonel of the 2nd Regiment Gore Militia and formerly Sheriff of the Gore District.”
Colonial Advocate – 27 August 1829.

At Flamborough West, on 19 February 1845, Elizabeth Nicholson, daughter of Robert Brown, aged 5 years.
The Globe, Toronto – 1 April 1845.

At Flamborough West, on Saturday last (29 March 1845), Robert, son of Robert Brown, aged 3 years.
The Globe, Toronto – 1 April 1845.

At West Flamborough, on Friday, 6th inst. (6 November 1846), Ann, relict of Isaac Mills, aged 54 years.
The Banner, Toronto – 20 November 1846.

On 22 August, on board the “Anne Kenny”, during her passage from Liverpool to Quebec, Thomas Atkinson, of Cumberland, England, and her brother of Robert Atkinson of Flamborough West, in the 60th year of his age.
The Globe, Toronto – 21 October 1848.

On Friday, September 8th, Ann, wife of John Hore, Flamborough West.
The Globe, Toronto – 20 September 1848.

At Flamborough West, on 8th inst. (8 August 1849), William McKinlay, a native of Johnstown, New York, and 21 years a resident in Canada, extensively engaged in the Foundry business, aged nearly 43.
The Globe, Toronto – 14 August 1849.

James Craig was born in Scotland, and came to Canada in 1832, settling in the city of Toronto. He married Francis Waites, daughter of Isaac Waites of Toronto. In 1835, he moved to West Flamborough Township. His death occurred 25 November 1849, as a result of a fall from a chestnut tree, 7 weeks earlier, aged 40 years, 10 months, 25 days, survived by his wife and 2 daughters. Mr. Craig was raised Presbyterian but joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church 4 ½ years before his death.
Christian Guardian, Toronto – 3 April 1850.

Mrs. Jane Green, daughter of John Frederick, was born near Belleville, 7 May 1822, and moved with her father to Flamborough West, where she married Brock Green, 27 September 1838. She died in Flamborough West, December 19, 1849, predeceased by 2 children: survived by her husband and two children.
Christian Guardian, Toronto: 13 February 1850.

James Bigelow, age 22, his brother, David, age 14, and a cousin, James Ryckman, age 16, drowned yesterday (5 February 1850) in the Desjardins Canal between the Upper and Lower Bridges. The three had left home, in company with another younger brother to go skating. One of them fell through the ice when he tested it, and the two others drowned trying to save him. The youngest brother survived.
Hamilton Gazette – 6 February 1850.

John W. Ryckman was born in Sophiasburgh, Upper Canada, November 9, 1805, and moved with his father to Hamilton in 1812. In 1816, he moved to West Flamboro’, where he died July 4, 1852: survived by his wife and nine children.
Christian Guardian – 14 July 1852.

On the evening of the 16th inst. (16 September 1852), in West Flamborough Township, Mr. Thomas Younger, farmer, near Fisher’s Mills, Waterloo, struck his shoulders on a beam while driving a wagon loaded with flour barrels into the shed. His spine broke, and he died 30 hours later.
Canada Christian Advocate – 27 September 1852.

The boiler of the steam saw-mill belonging to Mr. Hutt/Hatt? of Ten Mile Creek exploded 17 inst. (17 September 1853) killing George Smith, whose relatives reside in West Flamborough. Two men were injured, one of whom, Jacob Jackson is not expected to survive.
Canada Christian Advocate – 28 September 1853.

On Tuesday, the 11th December, an inquest was held on the body of John Pevvy, an old man, a resident of West Flamboro’, which was found on the Brock Road c. 2 miles from Guelph. Deceased was not quite sober, and death appeared to be the result of an injury to the head caused by a fall from a waggon.
Christian Guardian, Toronto – 26 December 1855.

On the 14th inst. (14 May 1857), in the village of Millgrove, a young woman, a daughter of David Cummings, was in attendance at a shingle machine when the strings of her bonnet were snatched into the machine, jerking her towards the knife. She was very seriously injured, and is not expected to recover.
Dundas Warder – 27 May 1857.

A young man, Robert Gibson was accidentally drowned at the Mill Dam, at Clough Mills, West Flamborough, last Saturday night.
Canada Christian Advocate – 26 August 1857.

Four men have been sun struck in this neighbourhood, Mr. C Ryan of West Flamborough, and a man named Hartey, working on the railroad, died of sunstroke Saturday. Mr. J. Smith of Beverly, and a man named Mead at Copetown, are both very ill from sunstroke but are expected to recover.
Dundas Warder – 7 July 1858.

Two young men, Thomas Henderson and Albert Cummins, the latter a son of Joseph Cummins, farmer West Flamborough Twp., c. ½ mile from Millgrove, died in their sleep Thursday night week. The cause was suffocation, a pot of coals having been placed in the bed-room to warm it, the room being air-tight and only 8 feet square.
Dundas True Banner – 29 December 1858.

Mrs. Anna Ryckman was born in the state of New York in 1763, and came to Canada at an early age, settling on the Bay of Quinte. Before the War of 1812, she moved to this part of the country with her husband, settling in West Flamboro’, where she died March 17, 1859 in her 86th year, having lived to see the fourth generation of her children. Rev. E. B. Ryckman of Montréal is her grandson.
Christian Guardian, Toronto – 6 July 1859.

Warren Ryckman, son of John and Martha Ryckman, was born in West Flamboro’, January 24, 1831. He was taken with an inflammation of the lungs on Sunday, April 22, 1860, and died the following Friday (29 April 1860) survived by his parents, brothers and sisters.
Christian Guardian – 6 June 1860.

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