Life in Early 20th Century Flamborough

This video is a brief overview of the exhibit, which officially opened to the public March 5, 2022. ‚ÄčThe display explores objects that were a part of daily life in the early 20th century, including some artifacts from the Flamborough Archives.

Food on the table, keeping family safe, and staying stylish - so much happens within our homes.

Domestic Changes

Home has a multitude of definitions, but the place we start the day and lay our head to rest at night has many similarities to the households of the past.

The early 20th century explored new innovations in the home, including electricity and indoor plumbing. The days of clearing hundreds of acres as pioneers were giving way to a life that could include leisure in between providing food and shelter for a family. Luxury items were becoming available and more affordable, due to industrialization. While sometimes we can feel quite removed from those that lived a century ago, first-hand accounts, pictures and especially artifacts can bring those similarities into focus.

Industrious Towns & Villages

Just like home, work life transitioned in the early 20th century. This was a time where the world adapted to new technologies, such as the automobile. Even so, Waterdown kept it's blacksmith until the 1960s, and the aforementioned delivery wagons also remained in the village until the mid-century. Where farmers would once produce their own cheese and butter to sell at market, agriculture became more specialized with dedicated cheese factories and dairies. Doctors were able to see a drastic change, not only in what they were treating but treatment methods.

We see the re-evaluation of employment now in the early 21st century, with the ability to work remotely and get work done in less time than a "traditional" work week. Throughout the 19th century, labour protests had brought the working week down to 50 hours. World War I allowed greater push back from workers who argued for an 8 hour day. As time passed and working hours were cut back, desire for leisure time increased.

We still strive today to support local, but over the years some local industries have been lost. Seen here is the Slater Sawmill and Sunnybrook Dairy of Waterdown.

Leisure Time

Flamborough has a long history of people from its many communities excelling in sports, not only in the early 20th century. Some have made a professional career of it, while others simply play for the fun of it.

Besides organized sports, Flamborough is filled with swimming holes, fishing spots, and hiking trails. Community groups, some that have been around for over a half century, have entertained with plays, festivals, raffles, and more.

A game of shinny on a frozen pond, or capturing a memory in front of an impressive natural feature. However you define fun, there are many similarities between the selfies and stories we share on social media today and the photographs taken nearly a century ago. Lots to discover in our photo catalogue!

The associated brochure for the display is available for download through this link .

Many thanks to members for loaning items to augment the artifacts from the Archives collection. It is wonderful to see our ideas for displays come to life with your help.

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