It takes a lot to preserve history. Volunteer time, hours of research, and money. While memberships, book sales, and grants help us with our day-to-day expenditures, we have projects and unexpected expenses that would be greatly supported by monetary donations. Whatever amount you are able to give, we appreciate and make sure that it is put towards our mission.

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What are we currently raising funds for? We’re glad you asked!

Database Upgrade

The process for accessions and inventories used to require the same information to be entered into 4 different places, at different times, and was very time consuming and labour intensive. To combat this and streamline the process, we’ve had a program created for those accessions and inventories. The time saved from data input can be put toward research and other projects. Like with any program, we’ve found areas that need upgraded to add functionality, such as adding pictures to accessions. Upgrades will make researching easier, but come with a cost.

Flamborough Review Microfilm Project

With the move of the Flamborough Review offices to Burlington, we were the very happy recipients of 20 years of negatives (1979-1999) from the paper. The film reels are intact and tightly rolled and sealed with masking tape so going through them is going to be a challenge. Even more so since there is no identifying material with them and we do not have microfilm of the papers from 1989 – 2013, but we are actively working on that problem. We just need money for the microfilm project – approximately $5,000.

Pictured is a photo is randomly taken from a reel dated December 29 1982. It was not used in the paper but shows the first location of About Face, opened in March 1982 by Maureen (Sukie) Held.

Spacesaver Shelf System Update – FUNDED

We love our Spacesaver mobile shelf system – it keeps all of our archival material organised and easily accessible. With generous donations from the community of historical material, our shelves are nearly at maximum capacity, and we need to update our system.

The update will cost approximately $20,000, but will provide 20% more storage capacity. It will also provide us a counter for workspace as well as shelves to store supplies and boxes of publications, so that they are not taking up valuable mobile shelving space.

Update: Thanks to donations over the years as well as a recent generous donation from an anonymous donor, we now have the funds to update our shelf system. Coming to the Archives early 2024!

Please help us preserve our local history by donating today. Tax receipts are issued for donations $25 and up. Thank you so much for your support.

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