The Village and People of Carlisle, ca.1867

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, September 1981
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Carlisle is a postal village in the Township of East Flamboro’, situated on the Twelve Mile Creek, 8 miles from Waterdown station on the Great Western Railway, 12 miles from Hamilton and 42 miles from Toronto. It was first settled by John Eaton in 1828, and was laid out by Anson Eaton, Andrew Patton and George Abery. The post office was established in 1848 — S.R. Lister being the first postmaster. The present official is John C. Crooker. It contains two general stores, and there are several sawmills in the immediate vicinity of the village. It has one common school under the charge of Daniel McNiven, and a private school conducted by Miss Ryerson. There are two churches, viz: Wesleyan Methodist erected of frame in 1852, which will seat three hundred persons, Rev. Mr. Greener, minister, and the New Connection Methodist, erected in 1861 of frame, Rev. D.D. Rollston, minister. Daily mail. Population 150.

L.O.L. No. 358 meets in Orange Hall first Friday evenings in each month. Wm. John Beatty, W.M.; Wm. Edgar, Dep. M.; Charles Wilson, Treas.; Thomas Edgar, Secretary.

BIRD, William, laborer CRANSTON, Henry, painter and glazier
BURKE, Daniel, shoemaker CROOKER, John C., postmaster, general dealer in dry goods, groceries, etc.
BURTON, Robert, blacksmith DAVIS, John, carpenter and builder
CAMPBELL, John, laborer DAVIS, Wm., carpenter
COTTERILL, John, laborer DAVIS, Wm., tanner and currier
COTTERILL, Matthew, laborer DUFFY, Christopher, teamster
COTTERILL, William, laborer DUFFY, Michael, butcher and drover

EATON, Daniel, Prop, Carlisle House and farmer NEWELL, Wm. P., propr. Western Hotel and boot & shoe manufacturer
EATON, W.H., teamster ORR, John, gardener
EATON, Wm. E., teamster ORR, W.M., insurance agent
FLEMING, John, laborer ROSS, John, dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, crockery, boots & shoes, etc.
FORD, Bartholomew, laborer ROSS, John & Co., (John Ross and Robert Thompson), general merchants
GILPIN, Dines, weaver SMITH, John, boot & shoemaker
JONES, William, clerk for John Ross SMITH, John, laborer
KIRK, Henry, teamster SMITH, Thomas, teamster
KIRK, Joseph, teamster THOMPSON, Robt., (John Ross & Co.)
KIRK, Patrick, teamster WADE, Thomas, laborer
MAHON, William, blacksmith WESTERN HOTEL, W.P. Newell, proprietor
MILLARD, David R., blacksmith & wagon maker WOOD, William, brewery

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