The Population of Waterdown c.1867

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, June 1981
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The second paper in the series East Flamboro’ Township c.1867 looks at the people living in the village of Waterdown and between Bakersville and Aldershott. Not only are the names of the population listed, but also their occupation, and in some cases where they lived in the village, and carried on their profession.

ANDERSON, SAMUEL, propr. American Hotel English, John
Applegarth, William, laborer English, Syndney, gentleman
Arnold, Adam, laborer ENGLISH, THOMAS, carriage manufacturer, Main, cor Dundas
ASHBERRY, WILLIAM, turner rake factory Fastner, George, laborer
Avery, Hiram, laborer Fenucan, Daniel, laborer
BAKER, ABRAHAM, proprietor Crown Inn, Dundas Fenucan, Patrick, laborer
BAKER, READ, manufacturer of rakes, snaiths and cradles, Mill, h. same Flock, Christopher W. (Skinner & Flock) h. Dundas
Barnes, James, shoemaker, Dundas h. same Freeman, Elijah, saw mill and lumber merchant
Barron, Alex, mason Galeghen, Patrick, laborer
Barton, Job, carpenter Galivan, James, laborer
Bement, William, gardener Gamble, Wm., shoemaker, Main
BINGHAM, ALFRED, stoves and tinware, Dundas, h. same Garvin, J.B., shoemaker, Dundas, h. same
Bingham, Elisha, tinsmith Garvin, Thomas, shoemaker
Booth, James, baker Garvin, John, shoemaker, Dundas
BOOTH, SAMUEL, baker and confectioner GETZ, GEORGE, watchmaker & jeweller, Dundas, h. same
Boyle, James, laborer Gillian, Thomas, laborer
Bradt, James, laborer Glascot, John, laborer
Bradt, Peter, laborer GRAHAM, JOHN, bailiff
Brown, Edward, blacksmith Grant, Wm. P., laborer
Brown, William, turner GREENER, REV. MR., Wesleyan Methodist
Bull, George, laborer Grieves, Walter, mason
Burns, Daniel, laborer Guarin, John, laborer
Burns, Joseph, laborer Hahn, John, laborer
Buttonhall, Frank, laborer HALL, ANDREW, J. P., clerk 3rd division court, township school superintendent, township clerk
Carson, Joseph, mason Harker, Thomas, laborer
Cassey, Bartholomew, butcher HARRIS, REV. CHARLES, New Connection Methodist, and blacksmith
Cassey, John, laborer Hartney, John, laborer
Cassey, Stephen, butcher HAYWORTH, JACOB, proprietor Union Hotel, Main
Cassey, William, laborer Heissie, William, teamster
Cleave, John, teamster Hearns, Peter H., laborer
Clott, Christopher, laborer Hicks, William, laborer
Clott, John, laborer HIGGINSON, REV. G., Church of England
Colyer, John, Main, h. same HOWLAND, HON. W.P., proprietor Waterdown Mills
Creen, Hugh, gentleman Hughes, Wm., blacksmith, Mill
CREEN, JOHN, propr. Upper Mill, Mill Hunt, Richard, blacksmith
CROOKER, HORATIO NELSON, merchant Johnston, Robert, laborer
CROOKER, W.H., dry goods, groceries, hardware, Dundas, h. same Kelsey, Mrs
Cummer, John, farmer Kibble, John, laborer
Davis, Andrew, gentleman Kinks, Michael, laborer
Davis, David, cooper Knight, John, laborer
DAWSON, JOHN, waggonmaker Lee, William, gardener
Donohue, Richard, laborer Lilly, Daniel, (McManus & Lilly)
Dornan, Patrick, shoemaker Lorree, John, laborer
Dyer, Lewis, laborer McCartney, William, carpenter
DYKES, JOHN G., brewer, Mill McDonald, D., laborer
EAGER, JOSEPH C., general merchant McKenzie, Kenneth, teamster
Easson, William, mason
Edwards, Henry, tavern keeper, Dundas

McManus, Martin J., (McManus & Lilly) Reynolds, Benjamin, gentleman
McManus & Lilly, (Martin J. McManus and Daniel Lilly) tailors, Dundas Robson, William, miller
McMonies, Albert, laborer Royal Hotel, Mrs Miles, proprietor
McMonies, Charles, farmer RYMAL, GEORGE, gentleman
MCMONIES, JAS., J.P., township treasurer, res. one mile north of village Scanlin, Michael, laborer
McMonies, Jas., general merchant Schultz, John, laborer
McPherson, William, laborer Scott, Francis, laborer
Mahar, Edward, laborer SCOTT, REV. MR., New Connection Methodist
Mahoney, James, laborer Seeley, Charles, farmer
Maloney, Cornelius, laborer Shaw, Robert, teamster
Maloney, John, laborer Shepherd, Daniel, cooper
Maloney, Michael, laborer Skinner, Ormond, (Skinner & Flock) h. Carlisle Road
Miles, Mrs., prop. Royal Hotel, Main SKINNER & FLOCK, (Ormond Skinner and Christopher W. Flock) physician, surgeons and druggists, Dundas
Moffatt, Thomas A., laborer Slater, Ferdinand, carpenter
Moshier, Edward, laborer Smiley, John, laborer
MURRAY, JOHN J., M.D. physician and surgeon SPRINGER, OLIVER, barrister (retired)
Nichron, Charles, shoemaker Stearnes, John
Nichol, William, mason Stewart, James, tailor, Dundas
Orr, William, tailor Stewart, John, laborer
Painter, John, laborer STOCK, THOS., J.P., township reeve, Dundas
Parsons, E.D., laborer Thompson, Hugh, harness maker
Pendergrass, James, laborer THOMPSON, J.B., postmaster and grocer, Main, h. same
PITCHER, JOHN, saddle and harness maker, Dundas Thonen, John, painter
PHILP, W., M.D. physician and surgeon, Dundas, h. same Truesdell, Hiel, carpenter
Place, Alexander, laborer Truesdell, William, teamster
Platt, Samuel, laborer Underhay, George, flour mill proprietor
Rathy, William, laborer Union Hotel, Jacob Hayworth, proprietor, Main
Reed, William, weaver
Illustration of the old jam factory building on Mill Street.


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