The Lower Concessions of East Flamborough 1875

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, March 1988
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By using a number of secondary sources, a comprehensive record of the inhabitants of an area can be produced. The County Directory and Atlas were the sources for the 1875 listings that were submitted for the previous two Heritage Papers. The last paper listed businesses and residents of Aldershot, this issue records the names of all heads of families in the lower concessions of the township and their addresses.

George AndersonB.F.10
Wm. Atkinson25 *
Job Biglow213 *
John Biglow212 *
John Blain110 *
John Boulton112
Nelson Bowen16
John Brick113
Thomas Brick113
Alexander BrownB.F.6 & 7 *
James Buchan26
George Bull25 & 6
John CampbellB.F.9 & 10 *
Peter CarrolB.F.13 & 14 *
Charles Chisholm12
Dudley Chisholm12 *
James Crane212 *
Benjamin CrickmoreB.F9 & 10 *
Robert Crooks112
James M. Cudron113
Charles DavidsonB.F.7 & 8 *
John Dailey210 & 11 *
John Dodd210 & 11
P. Donaldson19
Charles Donelly29
S. Douglas13 *
Thomas Douglas13
James DornanB.F.4
Benjamin Eager22
J. EasterbrookB.F.9 *
T. Easterbrook11 *
W. Easterbrook21 *
Ralph Elliott110 *
C. V. EmeryB.F.3
A. D. EmeryB.F.3 *
James English211
David English211 *
J. M. S. Evans21 *
J Featherston29 *
Cornweil Feeley17 *
James Feeley17
Robert FerrisB.F.11 *
J. C. FilmanB.F.1 *
William Flatt28*
David FongerB.F.5 *
D. Fonger Jr.B.F.4
Caleb Fonger14 *
Z. Freeman210 & 13
Thaddeus Ghent23 *
William GibbB.F.10
James Gray15
William HallB.F.4
H. HammondB.F.9
J. Hancock19
Dennis Harris22
A. HendersonB.F.13
D. HendersonB.F.11
C. Hopkins113 *
G. Hopkins113
Israel Hopkins213
W. G. Horning27 *
W. R. Horning26 & 7 *
John Ireland28
Robert Ireland28 *
R. Ireland Jr.19
John Jackson17 *
Archibald Jameson17 *
Wm. JohnsonB.F.6
John Jones16
Joseph Kent113
James A. KenneyB.F.7
— KernB.F.4
Jacob F. KernB.F.4 *
Charles W. KingB.F.2 *
Isaac Lacey113
W. B. Leather28 *
George Long110
John ManiganB.F.7
John MarriottB.F.7
I. McMichaelB.F.7
A. McMonies23 *
Wm. McMonies26 *
James MullenB.F. 7
John O’Neil21 *
J. Patterson213
John RansomB.F.10
J. F. ReadB.F.5 *
W. B. Read213
Francis Rose25
Wm. RusselB.F. 11
James C. Ryan26
Charles Shears110 *
Robert SinclairB.F.7
Robert Smiley18 *
Stephen SmithB.F.11
Thomas SmithB.F.2 & 3 *
W. A. SmithB.F.3
John SmokeB.F.12 *
Samuel SmokeB.F.12 *
Peter Stewart25 & 6 *
William TaitB.F.7
T. B. Townsend18 *
A. Trewartha18
Joseph Wells19 & 10
Hiram YakeB.F.7
* Indicates the name is also to be found on the map of the Lower Concessions of East Flamborough Township, included in our last Heritage Paper. B.F. = Broken Front.

“Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Wentworth, Ontario” Page & Smith, Toronto, 1875.

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