Early Queries and Notices about Flamborough Residents in Upper Canada newspapers

Originally published in Heritage Happenings, September 1995.

Many of the early pioneering families who came to Upper Canada had to overcome great hardship and sadness before they became established in their new homeland. Many of them lost touch with friends and relatives as they settled in the great wilderness that they had chosen as their new homeland.

There are hundreds of stories about these brave people who risked everything to begin life anew and sadly many of them have been lost through time. One of the sources that is often overlooked when searching for “lost ancestors” is the Personal Columns of the early newspapers. They contained a wide variety of notices and news that might otherwise have never been recorded. This Heritage Paper contains an assortment of such notices as they relate to former Flamborough residents.

“Testimonial of Jacob Nevilles, dated at West Flamborough on 13 February 1827, that his aunt, Catharine De Sherry was cured by the mortification powders of Jacob Cochenour of West Flamboro’.”
Gore Gazette – 3 March 1827.

“Whereas the heirs of the late Benjamin Skinner Senr., of Stamford, have laid claim to Lots 21 & 22 in the 2nd Concession of Beverly, being 350 acres, all persons having claims on said land are required to come forward by 1st July next. Japthae Skinner Senr., of Beverly.”
Gore Gazette – 10 May 1828.

“Whereas some unhappy differences have lately arisen between me and my wife Rachel, we have mutually agreed to separate, and have signed a marriage settlement and separation. She is fully authorized to transact business for herself, but I hereby forbid all persons dealing with her on my account. Freeman Dunham, Beverly.”
Gore Gazette – 17 January 1829.

“Mrs. Dunham, late Mrs. Babcock, of the Beverly Swamp road, cautions all persons not to give credit to any of her sons without a written order from her.”
Gore Gazette – 11 May 1829.

“Information wanted of Peter Christie, who emigrated last year from Perthshire, Scotland. He will receive a bundle of letters on application to Hugh McColl, 8th Concession of Beverly, Gore District.”
Christian Guardian – 15 February 1832.

“Information wanted of Bruce Innis, Surgeon, late from Down Patrick, County Down, Ireland, who left Hamilton in January 1832. Letters addressed to Bruce Innis, Beverly, Dundas Post Office, will be thankfully received.”
Christian Guardian – 11 May 1836.

“Information wanted of John Park, a native of Ireland, about 21 years of age, nearly six feet high. He has worked in a brick yard in Dundas, but was going to seek work elsewhere. He left a house in Flamboro’ West the 13th November last expecting to return immediately, but has not been heard from since. Address, His Uncle Hugh Armour, Ancaster P.O.”
Dundas Warder – 1 March 1850.

“Information wanted of John McRoury, a native of South Uist, Scotland, who arrived with his family in Hamilton about the middle of September last, where in the excitement of debarkation, he was lost sight of and no intelligence has been had of him since. He is about 60 years of age, 5’8″ high, red haired and can speak no English. Any information will be thankfully received by his son Archibald McRoury, 10th Concession, Beverly.”
Dundas Warder – 1 March 1850.

“Alexander Thompson, who formerly resided in Merrion Street, Dublin, and afterwards at West Flamborough U.C. is requested to send his address to the Master of the Grammar School, Guelph or to Thomas Stewart Esq., 31 Merrion Street, Dublin.”
The Church, Toronto – 30 May 1850.

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