Early East Flamborough Township Marriages

Originally Published in Heritage Happenings, February 1983
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The last Heritage Paper listed extracts of marriages from early Upper Canada and Canada West newspapers. Such newspaper notices are a very valuable source of information for people researching family records, as civil registration did not become compulsory until 1869. In this heritage paper, the extracts are from two papers, the Christian Guardian, published in Toronto, and the Christian Messenger, first printed in Brantford in 1854. This paper, containing notices of births, deaths and marriages for both the Baptist and Methodist Church, changed its name to the Canadian Baptist on January 5th, 1860, and was then issued from Toronto each Thursday.

The Christian Messenger/Canadian Baptist newspaper is on microfilm at McMaster University, Hamilton.

31 December 1851:
– On 24th Dec. at Wellington Square, Corney Sanders, of Waterdown, cabinet maker, to Mary Ann Reynolds of Wellington Square by Rev. J. Gemley.
– On 24th Dec. by the same, at the residence of the bride’s mother, Edward Tansley to Sarah H. Eaton, both of East Flamborough.

4 February 1852:
– On 29th inst., by the Rev. J. Gemley at the residence of the bride’s father, Enoch Eaton, to Eliza Catharine, eldest daughter of Mark T. Crooker, both of East Flamborough.

10 March 1852:
– On 17th ult., at the residence of the bride’s father, George Ryerse of Port Dover, to Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of John Orr of Carlisle, East Flamboro’ by Rev. J. Gemley.
– On the 26th ult., at the residence of the bride’s mother, Thomas W. Willson of Saltfleet, to Rachel Srabina, fifth daughter of the late James Bigelow of East Flamborough.

17 March 1852:
– At the Wesleyan Parsonage, Henry Martin, to Mrs. Mary Poining, both of Waterdown, by the Rev. Mr. Gemley.

27 October 1852:
– On the 26th ult., James Freeman of West Flamboro’, to Eunice Bigelow of East Flamboro’ by Rev. I.B. Howard.

22 December 1852:
– At the residence of the bride’s father on 30th ult., Abraham, eldest son of the late John W. Ryckman of West Flamborough, to Catharine, second dau. of S. Griffin of East Flamborough. Rev. I.B. Howard.

13 April 1853:
– On the 2nd ult., William Addison of East Flamborough to Mary Catherine Bradt of the same place by Rev. I.B. Howard.

27 April 1853:
– On the 21st inst., Burwell Griffin, of East Flamborough, to Delilah, eldest daughter of Abraham Binkley of the same place by Rev. I.B. Howard.

22 November 1854:
– On Thursday, 9th inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, David Fonger, of Flamboro’ East, to Charlotte Catherine, daughter of Peter Cline of Nelson by Rev. John Hunt.

4 January 1855:
– On 20 Dec. by Rev. Wm. S. Griffin, at residence of James K. Griffin Esq., Waterdown, John Aiken Nelles of Burford to Ellener, eldest daughter of late E.C. Griffin, Waterdown.
– On 27th Dec. by same, at residence of Cyrus R. Griffin, Mohawk, Hutcheson Lawrence, Esq., of Waterdown to Harriet, youngest dau. of the late Smith Griffin of Mohawk.
– On 30 Nov. by Rev. I. J. Hoile, at his residence in Dundas, George Darley to Jane Wheeler, both of East Flamborough.
– By the same, 20 Dec. at bride’s father’s residence, Henry Farrow, Twsp. Colborne, Huron County, to Eliza, youngest dau. of George Fearnley, East Flamborough.

5 April 1860:
– Dundas, 13th March 1860 by Rev. Wm. A. Caldwell, David R. Millard to Mrs. Phyllis Elderkin, both of Carlisle, East Flamboro’.
– By Rev. Wm. A. Caldwell at English Settlement, East Flamboro’, 28th March, Charles Lambier to Lucy Wingrove, both of East Flamboro’.

1 November 1860:
– 24 Oct., by Rev. James Gray, Wm. A. Sealey to Julie Loree, all of Waterdown.

21 August 1862:
– 7th inst., Reuben Miller of Caledonia to Sophia Julia Kelsey of Waterdown.

6 November 1862:
– 2nd ult., by Rev. W. Forsyth, Henry O’Niel to Sarah Wingrove, dau. of Thos. Wingrove, both of East Flamboro’.

12 February 1863:
– On the 5th inst. by the Rev. William Forsyth at the residence of John Hewins Esq., of E. Flamboro’, Mr. Joshua Pitts of Dundas to Miss Caroline Frances Holmes of East Flamborough.
– By the same on the same day, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. John Hallum to Miss Mary Page both of East Flamboro’.

16 April 1863:
– On the 26th ult., by the Rev. Wm. Forsyth, Mr. Alpheus Mount to Miss Huldah Wingrove both of the Twsp. of East Flamborough, County of Wentworth.

29 December 1864:
– On the 8th inst. by the Rev. Wm. Forsyth, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. James Wingrove, Mr. Edmund Hurren to Miss Jane Wingrove, both of E. Flamborough.

22 March 1866:
– At the residence of the bride’s father by the Rev. Wm. Forsyth on the 26th January, Mr. Joseph Kirby of Normanby to Miss Sarah Cartwright of East Flamboro’.

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