The MacDonnell Family – Part II

Angus MacDonnell d. 1804

(Crown Patentee East Flamborough Township, Broken Front Concession, Lot 11; Concession 1, Lot 11; Concession 2, Lot 9; Concession 4, Lots 6, 7, 8, 9.)

Last Heritage Paper looked at the MacDonnell family’s contribution to Read more

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The MacDonnell Family – Part I

Allan MacDonnell of Collachie d. 1792, Alexander MacDonnell 1762-1842, Angus MacDonnell d. 1804

This Heritage Paper looks at the MacDonnell family, the first official land owners in the Township, who although they did not settle here — being examples Read more

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The First Land Grants in East Flamborough Township (c.1791-1801)

Last Heritage Paper began the history of land grants in the Township of East Flamborough. Once surveying was completed, the Government began to distribute land very quickly in an effort to solve the problem of Loyalist families dependent upon Read more

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French Connections – Some Little Known Incidents of Early History

Last Heritage Paper looked at the very first group of refugees to enter this area of Ontario, and how their presence at Niagara resulted in the very swift surveying of land and establishment of townships. This paper will cover Read more

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The Formation of East Flamborough

This year, 1984, is the Province of Ontario’s Bicentennial — a celebration to commemorate the arrival of the first settlers into an area we today know as Ontario, but two hundred years ago was a wilderness, inhabited only by Read more

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The Bradstreet Press Listings of Waterdown-East Flamborough Businesses for 1872

During the 1860’s and 1870’s, a tremendous boom in manufacturing occurred in the area we know today as Ontario. Much of this growth was the result of the enormous influx of immigrants, the opening of the West, and the Read more

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The pumpkin — valued by the Indians, savoured by the colonists, treasured by backwoods farmers, prized by cooks and chefs, and enjoyed by generations of Halloween pranksters. This Heritage Paper looks at this wonderful vegetable and how it became Read more

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Early Death Announcements from Flamborough and Surrounding Townships

With no compulsory registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages before 1869, such information about early residents of an area is often difficult to obtain. Gravestones are frequently a wonderful source of such statistics, and there are over a thousand Read more

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Some Incidents in the Waterdown Area Concerning the Militia during the Troublesome Months of the Mackenzie Rebellion, 1837-1838

Major incidents in history are often felt in the smallest of communities, as shown by this Heritage Paper.

Throughout the year 1837, there were many rumours and much discontent in Upper Canada about the Clergy Reserves, about absentee property Read more

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The Changing Boundaries within Southern Ontario 1777-1983

During the past two centuries, there have been enormous changes in the boundaries for municipal and judicial affairs in the province of Ontario. This Heritage Paper examines the various changes that have occurred since 1777, especially with regards to Read more

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