The Old Waterdown Post Office at 31 Main Street South

This Heritage Paper looks at the architecture and history of one of Waterdown’s older buildings.

The old Post Office at 31 Main Street South is the only significant mid-19th Century store of frame construction in the village of Waterdown. Read more

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Crossing the creek

Dundas Street Beginnings, Part 3

Since water transportation along the north shore of Lake Ontario was good, there was not the urgency to build the eastern section of the Dundas Street highway that Simcoe had originally considered to be Read more

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The Village and People of Progreston

The first in a series of papers about the small settlements of East Flamboro’ Township c.1867. Some of these centres have been absorbed into expanding urban development; some have disappeared; while others have remained virtually unchanged since Confederation.

Progreston Read more

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Singing Schools in Canada

“What is a singing school? Is it really necessary to ask such a question as this? Who has not heard of singing schools and singing master? We have them at the present day, and we frequently hear people who Read more

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Clearing the path

Dundas Street Beginnings, Part 2

The British government’s decision to relocate the capital of Upper Canada from Newark (present day Niagara-on-the-Lake), to a site on the Thames River, where London stands today, initiated the start of the Dundas Street Read more

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Apple Production in East Flamborough Township

Apples have been a part of the East Flamborough Township scene from the time of pioneer settlement. Almost every farm and garden contained some apple trees, the most popular varieties being Baldwins, Ben Davis and Northern Spys, but over Read more

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Early Hamilton and Area Photographers c.1850-1880

When confronted by old, undated family photographs, it is so easy to just put them back in a box or album and forget about them. But with a little detective work, it is sometimes possible to date them quite Read more

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Early Canadian Portrait Photography

The earliest photographic portrait was known as a daguerreotype. This photograph was taken by exposing a silver-coated copper plate in the camera. This plate is a positive image, not a negative; since no duplicate prints can be made of Read more

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Noble beginnings

Dundas Street Beginnings, Part 1

On 23 September 1793, Mrs. John Graves Simcoe, wife of Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant Governor wrote in her often witty diary: “Captain Smith has gone to open a road to be called Dundas Street, Read more

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The ghost in the library

Mounted on the wall of the Waterdown Library are two marble tombstones associated with the early history of the village. The markers commemorate Alexander Brown and his wife Merren Grierson, the first settlers in the area that was to Read more

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